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Infant Daughter Brown
2 Broken Headstone of Sara P. first wife of Geo. Moffitt Patrick. Stone is now incased in plexaglass.
Sara Prudun Morgan
3 Centennial Marker erected in 1936 for Henry Reed's participation in the Battle of San Jacinto
Captain Henry Reed
4 Dr. William N Andersons final resting place.
William Nicks Anderson, Sr.
5 Galveston Bay at sunset.
James William Patrick
6 Headstone of Arthur NS Patrick Sr. and Wife Effie Lee Middleton Patrick
Effie Lee Middleton
Arthur NS Patrick, Sr.
7 Headstone of Callaway Howard Patrick with Texas Ranger's Cross along side.
Callaway Howard Patrick
8 Headstone of Edward and Nora McGinley
Nora Jane Clendennen
9 Headstone of Edward Joseph and Nora Jane McGinley.
Edward Joseph McGinley
10 Headstone of Rhoda Ingles Smith Patrick
Rhoda Ingles Smith
11 Headstone of Virginia Lee Patrick
Virginia Lee Patrick
12 Henry Reed's Centennial Monument alone on the praire that he called home, in Robertson County Texas.
Captain Henry Reed
13 Inscription on crypt of Raymond Daniel Wheeler
Raymond Daniel Wheeler
14 Inscription!
William Wilson Patrick
15 J.Willey Patrick Brown's Headstone
J. Willie Patrick
16 James Anderson Patrick's Headstone
James Anderson Patrick
17 James Thomas Patrick's Tombstone
James Thomas Patrick
18 Patrick Monument Alexander Patrick and Catherine White Facing
Alexander Jefferson Patrick
Catharine White
19 Prudence Jane Anderson Patrick's Headstone
Prudence Jane Anderson
20 Susan Louisa Dixon Anderson's Headstone
Susan Louisa Dixson
21 The Head stone of Dr.George Moffit Patrick in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, Texas.
George Moffit Patrick, Sr.
22 Walter Scott Patrick's Headstone
Walter Scott Patrick
23 William N Anderson Jr.
William Nicks Anderson, Jr.
24 William Wilson Patrick's Headstone
William Wilson Patrick
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